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aquaponics system

You have probably heard of Hydroponics where vegetables and other plants are grown in a soilless mix with continual access to water laced with nutrients, but the popular thing now is called aquaponics.

Aquaponics grows plants, but it also grows fish, and we are not talking tropical fish. These are edible fish like tilapia and trout, but the option for koi and smaller fish like beta and goldfish are also available.

Aquaponics systems grow fish and plants in an integrated system where the fish waste provides food for the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish. It is a sustainable system that comes in a variety of sizes from tabletop sizes to outdoor systems capable of providing enough food to feed several families. Continue reading

Gardening With Cold Frames!

Using cold frames is a good way to extend the growing season for gardeners that live in cold climates. Cold frames are very effective and easy and cheap to build. Many northern gardeners have been using them for a long time.

What Are Cold Frames?

Although there are several types of cold frames, most of them are insulated box-like structures with windows on top. The frame lays directly on the surface of the ground, or is partially submerged, but it has no bottom. Plants are planted in the ground within the cold frame or enclosed in pots or seed trays. Continue reading

Using and Choosing Rain Barrels!

Rain barrels are a thing of the past, or they used to be. They are making a big comeback due to the contribution they make to the local ecology and for water-saving abilities. Rain barrels were used since pioneer times as a water collection system.

Ibackyard rain barreln the past, rain was pristine and could be used for human consumption, but because of pollution and other contaminants, it is not suggested to drink rainwater anymore.

Still, it comes in handy for watering plants, lawns and washing cars. It is worth having a rain barrel especially if you live in a drought prone area.

The traditional way to collect rain in a rain barrel is to connect the downspout from the gutter system to flow into the barrel.

We attached a rain chain to our rain barrel, as you can see in the photo on the left. Continue reading

Miracle Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Pod Kit

The Miracle Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Pod Kit is a neat way to plant indoors without hassle due to its unique design and very innovative design for those who want to try hydroponics. It is a must-have for those who do not have a lot of space and want to try indoor gardening with ease.


You can garden year round with included seeds of Thai basil, chives, Genovese basil, mint, thyme, curly parsley and dill. These fresh herbs are 5 times faster than in soil in growth of optimally balanced levels. You can make your own indoor garden with vegetables with the included herb seed kit with germination guaranteed and without tools at all. Continue reading

Vertical Gardening Techniques for the Home Gardener

Vertical gardening isn’t something new in the garden arsenal. One example is the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon of King Nebuchandnezzar II built for his wife around 600 BC.

It was said to have been a series of vaulted terraces on cube-like pillars that were filled with earth and planted with trees and plants. Archeologists estimate the height at about 80 feet high and was very impressive for its time. There are accounts of ancient Greek and Roman gardens that aligned vertically as well. Continue reading

Growing Vegetables In The High Desert!

Growing vegetables in the desert is a challenging process. High temperatures, burning sun, wind and lack of moisture can make for difficult circumstances. Still, it is very possible to build and maintain a successful garden in the desert with just a few considerations.

high desert


Desert soil is not conducive to planting or growing. It is often sandy, rocky, salty and very hard. Planting soil needs to be moist, full of nutrients and light and airy. It is essential to make proper soil available in desert areas and the best way to do that is to create a raised bed. Continue reading

Using Solar Power in Your Garden!

Use the power of the sun to light your garden, to run irrigation systems, run fountains, and more. Solar power can be utilized for decoration and practical purposes and although the equipment might be a little expensive, you will reap the benefits when comes time to pay the electric bill.

Solar Lights

solar garden lightsSolar lights have been around for quite some time. They soak up the sun’s rays on small solar panels during the day and at night comes, they automatically come on to light up garden edges, walkways and driveway. Plastic or metal spikes secure them in the ground and they take care of themselves.

New solar lights have recently come on the market that are much brighter than the older types. Some look like balls of light, some like lanterns, others like flowers and even some that flicker like flame. Continue reading

Innovative Upside Down Gardening!

Upside down gardening is a viable alternative for those with very limited space in which to garden and for those that might have a little trouble getting down to ground level to weed and tend plants.

No garden tilling is necessary and those plants that must normally be staked, don’t have to be anymore. None of the harvest will ever touch the ground, giving gardeners another benefit to upside down gardening.

In an upside down garden, plants are suspended and hang down while they grow. You don’t need special pots but need to modify what you can get in a garden store.


Continue reading

Tomato Hornworm and How to Get Rid of Them!

It is hard to not see a tomato hornworm because of their color and size. This worm is not one you want around your garden.

It will strip the leaves off a tomato plant in just one afternoon. Although they are hard to get rid of, it is not impossible and organic methods work very well to free your garden from these voracious worms. It just takes a little work on your part.

hornwormTomato hornworms are also called tobacco hornworms they also eat tobacco leaves. They consume foliage from some peppers, eggplant and potatoes (members of the nightshade family). Hornworms are a striking-looking caterpillar that turns into a moth gray and brown moth. Continue reading

Monthly Gardening Plan!

Gardening plans are an important part of maintaining a successful garden. Just throwing some seed on the ground is not a good way to have a bountiful harvest. Plans on location of vegetables and flowers are necessary to ensure healthy plants.

Rotation of vegetables helps prevent disease and plans ensure that companion plants are placed together and those that inhibit growth will not. \

Plans also help remind gardeners of activities that must be performed all through the year to keep your garden bountiful.

The following is a monthly plant for those gardeners in colder climates. Southern gardeners may or may not experience some of the conditions that are listed in this plan. Continue reading