How to Attract and Keep Earthworms in Your Garden

Earthworms are essential to a healthy garden. They are but one type of organism in the soil that turn waste into black gold or rich soil. They also tunnel through the soil and bring oxygen to the roots of any plants in the garden.

They loosen the soil so that roots have an easier time growing through it. They eat organic matter and their output is called castings, which are very rich and full of nutrients considered a natural fertilizer.

Attracting worms to the garden only makes your garden grow bigger and better. There are several ways to make worms at home in your garden. Continue reading

The Amazing Benefits Of Organic Gardening!


vegetable-basketWe all go to the super market and buy fruits and vegetables. And if you’re older like me you bought what they had available back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Back then they didn’t know what ‘organic’ was. Only a handful of individuals knew that pesticides and later on, genetically modified foods were and what they could do your body.

As a result, thanks to activists, we have finally learned the truth about harmful pesticides and unhealthy growing practices. It has gotten much better and now we can buy all kinds of organic products, and if you’re really smart you’ll start your own organic garden.

Even though things have gotten better, there is still a lot of food poisoning resulting from poor handling of the produce and poultry, whether it’s at the originally source or in the actual market. Continue reading