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aquaponics system

You have probably heard of Hydroponics where vegetables and other plants are grown in a soilless mix with continual access to water laced with nutrients, but the popular thing now is called aquaponics.

Aquaponics grows plants, but it also grows fish, and we are not talking tropical fish. These are edible fish like tilapia and trout, but the option for koi and smaller fish like beta and goldfish are also available.

Aquaponics systems grow fish and plants in an integrated system where the fish waste provides food for the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish. It is a sustainable system that comes in a variety of sizes from tabletop sizes to outdoor systems capable of providing enough food to feed several families. Continue reading

8 Great Organic Gardening Kits!

Don’t know where to start to try to garden organically? Do not fret because you can find a plethora of kits that will help you achieve a large or small organic garden for your backyard. Find kits for raised beds, containers, soil, compost seed and more at your own local garden center or look online for some interesting kits and deals.

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