Using Solar Power in Your Garden!

Use the power of the sun to light your garden, to run irrigation systems, run fountains, and more. Solar power can be utilized for decoration and practical purposes and although the equipment might be a little expensive, you will reap the benefits when comes time to pay the electric bill.

Solar Lights

solar garden lightsSolar lights have been around for quite some time. They soak up the sun’s rays on small solar panels during the day and at night comes, they automatically come on to light up garden edges, walkways and driveway. Plastic or metal spikes secure them in the ground and they take care of themselves.

New solar lights have recently come on the market that are much brighter than the older types. Some look like balls of light, some like lanterns, others like flowers and even some that flicker like flame. Continue reading

Best Gifts For The Organic Gardener!

Any gardener appreciates a gift that will help in the garden. Organic gardening tends to be a little costly at first, until the garden starts to thrive, and a little help with things to enhance the garden would be a great help for any organic gardener.

The following are some gifts to be found just about anywhere that will make gardening a little easier.

Organic Seeds

Many different garden companies sell certified organic seed and tomatoes are a big favorite. The organic gardener is always ready to try new things even if it is a new type of pepper or pole bean. Baker Creek has heirloom seeds from over 70 countries and D. Landreth Seed Company has unusual seeds. Continue reading

Using Grow Lights to Start Seedlings!

Grow lights are an essential gardening tool when starting seeds indoors during the last part of winter and early spring. The sun’s rays are not strong enough in the Northern Hemisphere to allow seeds to germinate and grow inside.

Seeds require light to germinate and put forth stems and leaves. Properly installed and used lights enable seeds to develop into strong plants that are planted outside at the earliest time in order to capitalize on the growing season.

Once the seed germinates and breaks through the seed casing, the stem and leaf pushes up through the soil. Once it gets there, the energy has been depleted and it needs a source of energy, which is the sun or light. If they do not receive enough light, they remain weak and are susceptible to fungi and other diseases. Continue reading