Tomato Hornworm and How to Get Rid of Them!

It is hard to not see a tomato hornworm because of their color and size. This worm is not one you want around your garden.

It will strip the leaves off a tomato plant in just one afternoon. Although they are hard to get rid of, it is not impossible and organic methods work very well to free your garden from these voracious worms. It just takes a little work on your part.

hornwormTomato hornworms are also called tobacco hornworms they also eat tobacco leaves. They consume foliage from some peppers, eggplant and potatoes (members of the nightshade family). Hornworms are a striking-looking caterpillar that turns into a moth gray and brown moth. Continue reading

Are Pests Attacking Your Organic Garden?


An Icky Aphid.

Pests like aphids and cutworms are true enemies of your garden. They can annihilate your plans in a matter of a few days, sometimes it takes just a few hours if your garden is small.

The best way to combat pests is to treat your garden before they start infesting it. Most newbie gardeners plan their garden and they go into reactive mode once pests start to infiltrate their garden rather than using preventive measures from the get go.

So start your preventative measures first. Buy or use your own concoction and spray your vegetable garden with organic sprays that will deter pests from choosing your garden as their meal. Continue reading

Advantages of Organic Gardening

organic-garden-sprayMany people are taking to organic produce to ensure that what they eat is safer. With increase in cases of food poisoning from food poisoning from fruits and vegetables in the media, people a getting more concerned about what they eat.

It is no longer news how harmful these pesticide used on plants can be. A lot of them are prohibited from being used since proved to be carcinogenic.

There so many of these chemicals out there still in use legally, these may have many unproven health hazards yet to be brought to light. Continue reading