Using Solar Power in Your Garden!

Use the power of the sun to light your garden, to run irrigation systems, run fountains, and more. Solar power can be utilized for decoration and practical purposes and although the equipment might be a little expensive, you will reap the benefits when comes time to pay the electric bill.

Solar Lights

solar garden lightsSolar lights have been around for quite some time. They soak up the sun’s rays on small solar panels during the day and at night comes, they automatically come on to light up garden edges, walkways and driveway. Plastic or metal spikes secure them in the ground and they take care of themselves.

New solar lights have recently come on the market that are much brighter than the older types. Some look like balls of light, some like lanterns, others like flowers and even some that flicker like flame.

They come in many different colors and there are even a few solar lights shaped like fruit and others that hang or have flat bottoms to sit on tables. Lights make the garden look beautiful and mysterious at night and the best thing is there are no wires and the bonus of saving energy.

Solar Irrigation Systems

solar irrigation systemA new thing on the market is solar irrigation systems for home use. Instead of placing your drip irrigation system on an electric timer, you have a solar powered system that uses no energy except that from the sun.

A few of these systems run water through soaker hoses into the garden and certain times or turn on sprinkler systems. More expensive systems use sensors, placed in the soil, to detect when the system should come on. These “smart systems” run via WiFi. Solar irrigations systems are relatively new, so look for them to become more common, less expensive and easier to use in the near future.

Solar Pest Deterrent Devices

solar pest detterentLook for solar pest deterrents online and in home and garden stores. These devices are very utilitarian and some can be programed for pests you do not want to be in your garden including rodents.

The deterrent looks much like a solar light with spikes to stick it in the ground. Several come in a pack and they produce sound and vibration that rodents do not like and they stay away. Others do have lights and blink to frighten pests. Solar pest devices deter many pests including rodents, snakes and harmful.

Solar Water Features

solar water fountainGarden fountains are often encumbered by electric cords, but now you can get all kinds of water features that are solar powered. Not only are they beautiful and functional, but they are also safe around pets and kids. You do not have to worry about anyone getting accidentally zapped by a surge of electricity near water.

Solar water features come in all sizes and shapes and in all price ranges. Solar pumps enable buyers to create their own water feature or purchase a kit that gives you directions and supplies. Be mindful where you put a water feature in your garden because if there is not much light, it will not run well. Some solar water features do come with a battery backup.

Solar garden features are a great way to add to your garden without consuming more energy. They are much more cost effective and safe because you are using the sun’s energy to power the equipment and because there are electrical lines to worry about. As long as you have sunshine, you have power.