Vertical Gardening Guide!

You have probably seen it from a couple of malls, public establishments and even a few city buildings – plants and crops hanging on layers of shelves. This is known as vertical gardening and it aims to be a space-saving type of gardening that can be done even in the city or metropolitan, urban areas.

Vertical Garden Crops.

There are a couple of plants that you can easily grow on a vertical garden. These include: tomatoes, gourds, melons, pole beans, peas, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash and many similar plants.

Benefits of Vertical Gardening:

Great for Small Spaces.

If you live in a small apartment, have limited space in your yard, or live in the city or urbanized area with small land areas, you would probably want to go green using vertical gardens. Stacking up plants in trellises helps to maximize the space and help you to grow crops easily all at once when you need them for harvesting.

Adds Height to Your Garden.

Adds Height to Your Garden

It helps build a structure of beauty in your garden. Trellises and arcs filled with vertically growing plants can serve as an eye-pleasing structure in your garden and at the same time, beneficial for your gardening due to its crop harvest. It also makes a small garden have more depth and height.

Become Your Curtains.

When certain plants have been planted vertically, they could create curtains that allow you to hide stuff in your space or act as a barrier or fence to give your garden more privacy and at the same time, decor.

Saves your Back.

It’s also great for those who are having trouble bending down to harvest ground plants. Most gardeners and garden owners are those of retiring age, and trust me, they don’t want to kneel down and sacrifice their joint pains just to be able to harvest crops. By planting a vertical garden, it makes it easier for them to pick the crops they want. And it’s not just with harvesting – vertical gardens also make it easier to water, fertilize and take care of your plants.

Air Circulation.

air circulation

Because plants are also living things, getting exposed to the air also allows them to “breathe” better, just as if humans going outside to breathe fresh air make us healthier as living beings. Air circulation improves overall plant health and keeps stagnant pests away. Because of their structure, vertically-planted gardens are also safe from dog or cat digging.

Adds Beauty and Aesthetic Value to Your Garden.

Vertical gardens, trellises and the like make your garden and / or yard look more presentable for your guests and even your own family members. They’d always want to take photo shoots near your home and at the same time, having hanging flowers or crops surrounding makes a more natural atmosphere.


More Planting Opportunities.

Because vertical plants are space-savers, it gives you more room to add more! Plant as much as you like because of the vertical compact space. This is especially the case for vine plants like pumpkins or tomatoes.

more planting opportunities

Harvest More in a Bulk.

You don’t have to wait or worry about harvest – there will be plenty because you’ve had a lot of room to plant more of the same crop or many crops at the same time. Some organic garden owners use this for marketing and export purposes.

Makes Your Urban Landscape More Natural.

If you live in a highly-polluted place, planting more crops and greens helps to reduce the pollution and metropolitan atmosphere in your home or apartment. In fact, some cities are already using vertical gardens on their buildings to help in keeping the air clean and be more environmental-friendly.

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