Advantages of Organic Gardening

organic-garden-sprayMany people are taking to organic produce to ensure that what they eat is safer. With increase in cases of food poisoning from food poisoning from fruits and vegetables in the media, people a getting more concerned about what they eat.

It is no longer news how harmful these pesticide used on plants can be. A lot of them are prohibited from being used since proved to be carcinogenic.

There so many of these chemicals out there still in use legally, these may have many unproven health hazards yet to be brought to light.

Gardening without chemical pesticides, gives you a greater assurance of safety of the food you eat.

There is a better assurance that the food you are feeding your family is healthier and safer than those sold over the grocery store with which you have doubts of contamination. After all, you and your family are better off eating healthy food, and also being cancer free.

Whenever you spray plants with chemicals, these chemicals ends eventually on the ground when they are eventually washed off. This gets absorbed into the ground thereby contaminating the ground water. Compared to organic gardening, the event of contaminating the purity of ground water is ruled out.
Using chemical pesticides on your plants poisons the insects on the plants.

pest-attackThese insects can be eaten by birds and other animals, and may eventually die out of the toxic effect in these poisoned pests. Depending on the degree of toxicity, any other animal that eats them may also share their fate. This goes a long way in affecting the ecosystem negatively.

Exterminating a particular family of insects, it is possible to distort the balance in the local ecosystem.

If these insects are killed in large scale, by collective efforts of the locals, a chain reaction of death may be triggered for any other thing that depends on it for food.

The chain reaction may also affect another family of organism in the same food chain, and the ripple effect may get out control. It rarely does happen but it cannot be totally ruled out.

Also, plants grown and groomed without chemicals taste better than their counterparts.

Organic carrots are good examples. They don’t the same bitter taste their counterparts have. This is another reason why you should produce organically, that is assuming you are not much concerned about the hazards of chemical pesticides to your body and your immediate environment.
Organic gardening does have some challenges. One of them is that different strategies are required for dealing with different pest. Also, getting rid of some pest can be more rigorous while taking a longer time to accomplish. Forgoing the option of using chemicals, you now have to manually remove the insects off the plants and drop them in soapy water.

herbicide-sprayYou have now to resort to spraying your plants with solutions of peppers and garlic to save them from bug attacks. This could be challenging though. Organic manure now takes place of the convenient chemical fertilizers.

Since you make organic fertilizers yourself they are cost effective. Popular among them is the fish emulsion- a concussion made from dead fish. Another of such which is not just popular but have been proven very effective among organic gardeners is a concussion known as seaweed fertilizers. Not forgetting that there is natural manure that can help you use up waste from your kitchen.

In conclusion, organic gardening has so many advantages which cannot be compared with the few inherent difficulties. It may be a bit more challenging, but I bet you, there is great wealth of benefits it offers.