Essence 8 x 12 Silver Greenhouse (Review)

Back in the day, most people thought that greenhouses were a luxury. But today, technology makes certain compact greenhouses available for an affordable price.

Measuring 8 by 12 by 8 feet, the Essence Silver Greenhouse is a great starter for your home organic garden.


It has a galvanized steel base which makes it both durable and anti-rust. There are also rain gutters if you want to use rainwater for irrigation.

There are two roof vents that are adjustable. Having vent windows is important for plants to breathe and allow air circulation inside and outside the greenhouse.

A lockable, magnetic door means your plants can be secured from thieves and / or animals. It also has double doors to make it easily accessible. It also comes with a ramp for wheelchairs and the like.

Panel Material.

The panel is made up of 4mm polycarbonate roof and side panels. They can block UV rays on up to 99% and is quite durable and sturdy against potential threats. Most people might think that polycarbonate materials are cheap and can be harmful to plants but this one is different because it’s not only totally durable but it also helps block UV rays from the sun and give 70% light transmission to keep the plant from burning.

Frame Material.

The frame is made up of aluminum which makes it rust resistant – very important when it comes to choosing a greenhouse that is friendly towards plants.

Growing Space.

You get a total of 95 square feet of growing space. In addition, it has a head room of 6.5 feet if you want to fit in taller plants.


As a whole, the Essence Greenhouse is one tough house to beat when it comes to durability due to the choice of materials used. At most, it can withstand really strong winds from 50 to 70 miles per hour and even survive the winter snow.


When you receive the product, you get two boxes: the first one requires a truck or two people to carry it, and the other is not as heavy.


essense-silver-greenhouseIt also requires minimal assembling time and is quite easy to put together. In fact, you can easily disassemble it and reassemble it for later, especially if you are going to move from one place to another. You can easily assemble it in an average of two days.


The Essence Greenhouse is under a 5-year limited warranty, to which the manufacturer might also offer you some gardening and greenhouse accessories.

Tips and Tricks.

Building and assembling the greenhouse can be a bit of a hassle, but here are a couple of tips. First, if you feel like a part doesn’t fit; it’s probably not for that part. Second, you need a partner or a team, and a lot of patience to build this greenhouse, since it is a big project.

Don’t finalize the bolts until all the parts have been put together to save you time in having to take them apart when needed. There could be a few pieces that aren’t embossed with numbers so take heed, as well as some leftover pieces when you’re done building.


Having a greenhouse over your home garden sometimes is already a necessity today, especially if you live in a neighborhood with potential threats to your crops such as wild animals, pets, gusty winds and other hindrances to your landscaping and organic farming.

As a whole, the Essence 8 x 12 Silver Greenhouse is quite easy to install, but only if you work with someone or a group to do the job, and make sure to follow the instructions carefully.