Yimby Tumbler Composter (Review)

When it comes to compositing, you have to get the right composter that can fit onto any home or yard space.

The Yimby Tumbler Composter is a great find when it comes to turning food and kitchen waste into compost.

Yimbly Tumbler Features.

yimbly-tumblerIt has two chambers as a tumbling composter so that when you are filling one side, you can already let the other side cure so you are saving time in the long run and be able to make more compost as you go. It also has a recycled plastic bin with a steel frame that can last for quite a long time. The whole thing is just the right weight and mass that it can easily be carried from one place to another and at the same time, it can’t get easily blown away by the wind. There are also adjustable air vents for your convenience.

The composter must be assembled so make sure you follow the instructions. But with a little help from someone, you can easily assemble it in no time. Assembling the tumbler composter in general is not really that difficult, although it can take you about two hours or more. You have to really stick to the instructions carefully especially with choosing a panel. You might also check out YouTube tutorials on how to easily assemble your composter in a breeze.


The Yimby Tumbler Composter can make as much as 37 gallons of compost in as quickly as 2 weeks time. Just give it a few turns every other day and wait for your compost to be finished. It also doesn’t need to be tumbled everyday but you do need to keep the contents balanced when it comes to texture by adding dried materials to keep it from being messy. Turning is also a piece of cake – anyone can do it depending on how much compost there is.

Composting Advice.

If you are new to composting, you might want to start with the carbon ratio rule, which is 25:1. You will find carbon materials from stems, dried leaves and similar stuff and you can use this to prevent your compost from smelling really bad.

Composting Advice

Combine these garden leaves with kitchen scraps, shredded paper and the like. Egg shells are good additions to compost. For those who are worrying about winter problems when the compost might freeze due to the temperature, a little bit of turning should help. Some people also add compost boosters to help the compost cook during the winter when there is little sunlight and minimal heat.

Another thing that you have to remember, especially if the composter is way out in the open on your yard exposed to weather conditions, is that you have to keep it tightly closed as it has no lock feature. This is to prevent rain and similar debris from getting into the compost and messing up with the moisture.

Pros and Cons.

With an affordable price, this Yimby Tumbler Composter is definitely worth buying because of its durability, its physical features and easy to turn action. It is also capable of turning your kitchen and garden scraps into useful compost in just two weeks – faster than most composting tools.

While many people were greatly pleased with this composter, there can still be a few drawbacks. For instance, not a lot of people were into time-consuming assembly with 56 screws and as mentioned above, rain and moisture might get into your composter because it doesn’t come with a lock so make sure it’s closed.


Love it or hate it, the Yimby Tumbler Composter is definitely something worth considering when you are a regular composter or just want to find a way to improve your home organic garden.