Are Pests Attacking Your Organic Garden?


An Icky Aphid.

Pests like aphids and cutworms are true enemies of your garden. They can annihilate your plans in a matter of a few days, sometimes it takes just a few hours if your garden is small.

The best way to combat pests is to treat your garden before they start infesting it. Most newbie gardeners plan their garden and they go into reactive mode once pests start to infiltrate their garden rather than using preventive measures from the get go.

So start your preventative measures first. Buy or use your own concoction and spray your vegetable garden with organic sprays that will deter pests from choosing your garden as their meal.

Which organic spray should you use?

There are dozens to choose from and many more homemade remedies that can be found locally or on your internet gardeners forum (which I am starting soon!). You can also buy several good books on the subject on Amazon or go to your local library.

I use Amazon because I am always ‘planning’ on going to library and never take the time to go there. Why spend time at the library when I can spend time in my garden while my book is being shipped to me. Anyway, I digress.

Many of the sprays and organic gardening pest repellent solutions are based upon things like pepper juice, garlic and specific types of tea.  It might be fun for you to try your own brew and experiment. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a secret remedy you can package up and sell online or at your local flea market.

Did you know that some of the plans in your area may have naturally created a defense to diseases in your area? There may also be plants that have a natural defense to some of the pests we have discussed so far. So look into planing some of the plants in your garden.

Early planting helps forestall the peak season of bug attack.

How you may ask? Insects have a narrow time window in the year, in which they are actively destructive to plants. Such time window can be avoided by planting early and consequently harvesting before they attack.

Biological Insect predators like praying mantis, ground beetles, and birds, play important roles in warding off insects, therefore deliberate tireless effort should always be made to attract them. One way to do this is by growing plants like rosemary and mint which can attract many useful insect predators that will curb other destructive insects.

Be careful to watch over your plants so as to nib arising problems at the bud.

The case of a hornworm on your tomato plant, can be plucked off quickly and drown in a soapy water. Keeping daily watch over your plant puts you at an advantage of stopping these problems early enough before they get out of hand.

For pest that you are not familiar with, you can take their pictures and try to research and identify them online. If that proves abortive, you can take their snapshots to nearby extension or research office or even a library to help you identify them.

As soon as you’re done with identifying the pest, also ask the extension officer for professional advice on how to curb it. Remember to let them know that you are an organic gardener, and don’t forget to make enquires if there be any helpful information for you.

Furthermore, you can use protective netting over your plants. The case of a very bad season of bug attack, plants can be salvaged by using protective netting as a last remedy. It is noteworthy that such protective netting shuts out beneficial insects from getting at your plant.

And if any pest bypasses the netting, it will not be easy to identify and they will a very little chance for predator insects to control them.

Pest control is the very challenging part of organic gardening.

There may be thoughts for you to quit organic gardening and use chemical spray hastily, in the event of crop loss to insects. It is common among fellow organic gardeners.

Dealing with pest could be quite unnerving, especially when you have put in so much hard work, caring for your plants.

Don’t be in a hurry to forget that organic gardening has so much advantages that outweighs the extra efforts needed to make it work. One of them is that your household will have healthy food that is safe to eat.