Best Gifts For The Organic Gardener!

Any gardener appreciates a gift that will help in the garden. Organic gardening tends to be a little costly at first, until the garden starts to thrive, and a little help with things to enhance the garden would be a great help for any organic gardener.

The following are some gifts to be found just about anywhere that will make gardening a little easier.

Organic Seeds

Many different garden companies sell certified organic seed and tomatoes are a big favorite. The organic gardener is always ready to try new things even if it is a new type of pepper or pole bean. Baker Creek has heirloom seeds from over 70 countries and D. Landreth Seed Company has unusual seeds.

Purple Mountain Organics is a good place to look for organic seed or try Seed Savers Exchange, a group of people that save their own seed (check to see if it organic before trading or buying) and often has interesting heirloom varieties available. Costs run anywhere from $1 up to $10+ for certain seeds or you can opt for a gift certificate so that your gardener can choose what they want themselves.

Garden Kits For The Beginner

Arbico Organics sells a $50 organic kit for a beginning gardener, but someone that has been gardening for a while might also enjoy it. It contains 7 useful products including Arbico Organics Compost Plus in a 1 pound bag, Rice Hulls in a ½ cubic foot bag, Root Maximizer Beneficial Fungi at ½ pound, Worm Castings in a 1 pound bag, a Thermometer, Garden Planner and a Book – Grow Organic by Doug Oster and Jessica Walliser.

Try a Back to Roots Garden in a Can that run $9 for 1 can and $16.50 for 2. Choose from Basil and Cilantro or Dill and Sage and all are organic. Back to Roots also has a mushroom farm in a box that costs around $20. Just add water and watch mushrooms grow on the side of the box.

Worms are essential to a good organic garden and a Vermiculture Kit might just be the right gift for the organic gardener. Nature’s Footprint produces a kit called the Worm Factory for about $75 that includes a recycled plastic 16 by 13 by 16 inch bin, Worm tea collector tray and spigot, DVD, Manual and it is expandable with 7 trays.

The worms move up to another tray once the bottom one is full of rich, dark earth. Arbico has a similar kit in 2 sizes for $115 an $140. They are either 3 or 5 tray systems and come with a manual, bag of sand and bag of red worms that come separately.


Something organic gardener rarely buys but might want are organic gardening magazines. Purchase a subscription for them and watch them smile.

Heirloom Gardener is a self-sufficiency and homesteading magazine and Mother Earth News is full of organic topics.

The magazine called Organic Gardening is perfect gift too. All of these run anywhere from $12 to $25 for either a 1 or 2 year subscription.


Tools are a personal thing for the gardener so opt for gift certificates. If not, opt for hand tools that are metal and made from one piece of metal rather than several pieces welded together. These types of tools last a long time and are strong.

Also make sure they are rustproof. Make sure the tool sits comfortably in your hand, because if it doesn’t, it probably won’t for the person for which it is purchased. Try manufacturers like Smith & Hawken and Brookstone that put out good hand tools for less than $10 and up.

Miscellaneous Gifts

  • Organic Gardening books make great gifts for the organic gardener and they can run $10 to $30+ and contain a wealth of information. An organic gardener will appreciate a rain gage and some are very pretty to look at made out of copper or glass.
  • Decorative stepping stones are a good gift for a gardener with garden paths. Gardeners are always trying to keep beneficial animals near the garden.
  • Some birds eat harmful insects, so purchase feeders and bird houses to keep them near the garden. Bats also eat harmful insects, and a bat house might be just the thing for a great gift.
  • Decorative statues, garden markers, spinners, bee skeps, solar lights, pretty water globes, and other decorations are always a delight for the gardener. Those are things they would probably never buy themselves, but will enjoy immensely and they will cost $5 and up. To go a little more expensive, try a self-watering pot or terrarium for $10 to $130.

Your organic gardener will love any of these gifts and will think of you every time they are used or seen in their garden.