Top 5 Historic Gardens Going Organic!

Gardens are a beautiful piece of history that we can often still enjoy today. From the plantation gardens in the southern part of the United States to the palaces around the world with acres and acres filled with breathtaking views of flowers, trees, and everything in between these places are often a snapshot of times long passed.

Many of these historical gems have or are becoming organic gardens, giving them a more modern feel. They are ridding the natural beauty of harmful pesticides and other chemicals that not only damage the earth but also can be extremely harmful to those who simply want to enjoy being close to nature. Here is a list of the top 5 historic organic gardens.


Greys Court and Gardens

Greys Court and Gardens is located in Berkshire, England near Henley on Thames. The beautiful gardens that surround the 16th-century manor have many stunning features. The ruins of the manor aren’t much but the garden that is still tended to today and is a National Trust Property is free to visitors. While you are there, you can stop in for a spot of tea at the tearoom and spend the day wandering around the gardens.

There are hydrangeas and cherries bordering the garden and a place called the White Garden which has a small pool. But the greatest feature of this garden is the organic apple orchard that borders the vegetable and flower gardens. With sweet fruit during the harvest season, thousands of tiny flowers in the spring, and luscious green foliage in the summer, it really is difficult not to enjoy the beauty of the orchard most of the year.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is located in Beijing, China and dates back to pre-18th century Ancient China. In the 18th-century, it was officially recognized as an area to be enjoyed by the public. Prior to this, it was an area for the imperial family to partake in recreational activities. The palace itself is surrounded by Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, many different species of plants, including flowers like the water lily and bamboo.

With different areas that include more than 30 buildings and structures like bridges and temples, there are plenty of things to explore both natural and man-made in this amazing garden that dates to the ancient Chinese Yuan dynasty.


Ryton Organic Garden

Located in Coventry, on 10 acres of land that actually features 30 different organic gardens all in one location. Entry fees to one garden gains you access to all of them. This is also the site of the Garden Organics headquarters. This organic garden with delicious vegetables, juicy fruits, and luscious trees is fun for the whole family.

There are places for the kids to learn about vegetables, learn about the benefits of going green and growing organic, and you can even adopt a veg at the Heritage Seed Library where they are striving to rejuvenate and save species of vegetables that are on the verge of going extinct. After you finish exploring the garden, you can have a cup of coffee at the on-site cafe or stop in one of the many shops to purchase organic products to take home with you.


Princeville Botanical Garden

Princeville is a family owned botanical garden located in Kauai, Hawaii. If you ever find yourself in Hawaii, be sure to stop in at the Princeville Botanical Garden where you can enjoy a nice three-hour “walk in the woods.” This botanical garden not only features many tropical plants and flowers that are native to Hawaii, but you will also get to learn about the naturally decadent cacao plant.

When you visit, you will be lead throughout the garden for a three-hour tour where you will be lead throughout every inch of the garden. It is like a walk in the woods, so the terrain is natural and may be difficult for the elderly, young children, and people with physical disabilities. Near the end of the tour, you will get to spend half an hour sampling fruit, honey, and most importantly, international gourmet chocolate.



With inspiration from history, modern organic gardens are beginning to pop up all over the world. Even gardens like Bridewell Organic Gardens in England, which doubles as a mental healthcare facility, is turning their beautiful gardens organic. Bridewell serves the people in the community by offering therapeutic horticulture and the opportunity to be a part of the community while going through the mental health recovery process. With the creation of gardens like this that help the community as well as the planet, gardening has taken on a whole new meaning.

Natural Beauty

These gardens are as natural as they are beautiful. Without the harsh and dangerous chemicals, the only way these gardens could be more natural is if they just sprung up on their own without human hands tending to them. You can enjoy the beauty of nature at any of the fine gardens and enjoy a bit of history in the process.